Christian Bale Key Elements

His first acting role was in 1982 in a commercial for fabric softener Lenor.  In 1983 he starred as a child rock star in Pac-Man cereal commercial.  A year later he made his stage debut in “The Nerd” opposite Rowan Atkinson on London’s West End.  He was among the 4000 other auditions for the role of Jim Graham in “Empire of the Sun.” Steven Spielberg chose him for the role.  He earned critical acclaim for his performance in movie and first ever “Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor” award.  He admitted to having a crush on Drew Barrymore when she visited her god father Steven Spielberg at the sets of “Empire of the Sun” in 1987. He was thirteen and she was twelve.  While filming “Empire of the Sun” Steven Spielberg referred to Bale as the young Steve Mcqueen.  He was handpicked by director Mary Harron to star in the 2000 movie “American Psycho.”  To portray as Patrick Bateman, he took inspiration from Nicholas Cage’s performance in “Vampire King” (1998).  He was warned by many that acting in “American Psycho” would be a career suicide, but it only made him more eager to do it.

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